Our Aim is to provide an ongoing service to clients with pension and investment portfolios to help them to achieve their investment goals in the most tax efficient way possible.

“Investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back all of your capital invested”

Whether it be money invested in Pensions or Investments such as Investments Bonds, Stocks and Shares ISA’s or Unit Trusts ISA’s clients are generally looking for growth or income and sometimes both. Money invested will always be subject to both downward and upward valuations as a result of the   prevailing markets and economic factors.

There is no such thing as a risk free investment.

Even money invested in a bank account or building society account is subject to risk. Risks such as Inflation erosion where the rate of inflation is higher than the interest  rate earned, the possible effect of tax on the interest, Interest rate risk in that rates may increase generally but those for your saving do not increase and solvency risk where the institution fails. The later is covered by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme which will give cover up to the equivalent of 100,000 Euros currently £85000 changing to £75,000 on 1st January 2016.

No one wants to see the value of their money go down but this is always a possibility if investing in anything other than Cash.


Investing requires an acceptance of Risk. The question for each client is how much investment related risk to your capital are you comfortable  with and to what extent would you be prepared to see your investments fluctuate both up and down.

Assessing and agreeing your risk level is something that we aim to do with our clients whilst also seeking to achieve their investment goal, whether it be a lump sum for the future or income now or for the future.

We use software to assist us in assessing a clients portfolio to compared the risk of capital fluctuation and even loss with the investment to the level of investment risk a client is happy to accept to achieve their stated objectives. The software looks at the mix of investments within their pension, ISA or Unit Trust/Collective see below as an example;

The example below is fictitious and gives you an idea on the output of the software system we use.

Your current asset mix

The following chart shows the current asset mix of your investments analysed with Portfolio Analyser.

finance graphic

We can demonstrate this in a report but also graphically as below;

The following diagram illustrates risk versus return and shows how your current investments, that have been analysed, compare with your attitude to investment risk.

expected returns

The blue curve represents what is known as the ‘Efficient Frontier’. The efficient frontier is a line which shows the best return you can expect for a certain level of risk. If your current choice of investments (as shown by the red dot) sits below the blue line, then it should be possible for you to potentially achieve the same level of return on your investments for less risk or, alternatively, achieve a higher potential level of return without taking any extra risk just by changing your asset mix. The yellow dot indicates the most suitable choice of investment portfolio for you, based on your current tolerance to investment risk.

The pink dots represent individual investments within your portfolio and show where they sit on the Efficient Frontier. It is possible that not all or, indeed, none of your individual investments will match the overall risk profile of your portfolio.

The above is an example of the type or analysis and report that we can produce for you from the Software that we have invested in (Advisa Centre). In addition we also research funds using both FE Analysis and from Funds researched by Rayner Spencer Mills as an independent research company.

If a Portfolio needs to be de risked or rebalanced it may be possible to achieve this with the existing funds or there may be a need to introduce new funds. The software will enable us to analyse and rebalance your portfolio so the then asset mix and the risk over all correlates to your accepted risk level.

Through our Back Office system (Intelligent Office) we are able to obtain on line valuations with most investment houses and produce a report of your Investment Portfolio with current and past valuations.